From April 15, 2015


Challenges Faced By Auto Businesses

Generating revenue is not easy. There will always be challenges that will pose issues in manpower, management, sales, and other aspects that compose an entire business. This affects every field, including the huge world of the automotive industry. Car manufacturers, transportation and logistics businesses face several challenges not just internally in the manufacturing process but also in the local and international marketplace.

Inflation in the Car Industry

Businesses, consumers and automotive manufacturers also experience problems with inflation. The growing cost of materials and manufacturing costs are one of the main causes of car price inflation, along with increasing government and environmental standards that manufacturers must comply. Understanding that this is for everyone’s safety, creating a car isn’t as simple as it used to be. These additional processes and materials add up to the initial cost of every single car, and that means higher prices for car buyers.

To keep car payments within consumer’s affordable rate, many car companies have offered long term installment payment terms to buyers. Over time, car manufacturers have found ways to compensate by improving the manufacturing and logistics process to cut costs and be more efficient.

Car Exports

Many automakers lose profit with increasing buyers that go through car exports. For example, one car bought in US and sold in another country directly to a buyer is cheaper or in some cases sold double for more profit. This poses problems because car manufacturers lose profit on foreign market dealers.

There are serious requirements and laws regarding car exportation. When you plan to buy a car from a country and plan to ship or transport it to another country, you have to supply proof of ownership, certificate of title and other requirements for the customs department. In some countries you have to submit these documents a couple days or weeks before the transport date. Its best to transact with authorized car dealers to avoid any problems with customs.

Highly Volatile Market

Industries that depend on technology have very high volatility, and we have seen a lot of changes in automotive technology for the past century. If companies aren’t able to keep up with consumer demand and competition with these updates, it poses great risk in business. With fluctuating prices in gasoline, many consumers are looking into cheaper cars with hybrid or energy efficient engines. Although the green energy industry is still young and immature, there’s the fledging electric car market that continues to grow and poses risk on conventional car engine manufacturers.

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